Now Offering Tasting Events in Silicon Valley

We are now offering tasting events in Silicon Valley!

The events will start with a brief presentation (just pictures with plenty of time to ask questions) about chocolate making followed by the actual tasting:

  • Compare milk chocolates made with beans from two different regions.
  • Compare one of the milk chocolates with a dark chocolate made from the same beans.
  • Compare American Craft Style (2 ingredient chocolate - beans and sugar) with European Style chocolate (3 ingredients - beans, sugar and cacao butter).
  • Compare two dark chocolates made from beans from the same country but different regions.
  • Compare two dark chocolates made with the same beans but different roast levels.
  • Taste roasted beans and the dark chocolate made from them.

We will provide samples, water, palate cleansers (table water crackers), and one free chocolate bar per participant. The price is $300 for up to 10 people and $20 for each additional participant. Additional chocolate can be purchased for $10 per bar. Our travel to your location within Silicon Valley is included. The time required for an event is between one and two hours.

If you are interested in scheduling an event send an email to tastings at limitedchocolate dot com. Please schedule at least two weeks in advance.